Immersive games

immersive games

Every once in a while, we are treated to a game world so immersive, and so well- developer that it earns. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Your TOP 5 or top 10 most IMMERSIVE games ever made.". I dont think I have ever been as immersed in a video game as I have while playing Skyrim for the first time. I think it hit me while in Whiterun. Really felt like a God, and I got pretty emotional when I accidentally killed a few subjects on my first play through. When he throws that massive rock at the end it felt like I had watched this kid grow up. Came here to say this even though I hate to say it just because EA makes some pretty great games dragon age, masseffect, dead space. Log In Sign Up. Also those flying scanner bots are a brilliant example of 3D depth and scale.

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Another Top 10 Video Games With Great Stories Morrowind was the first 3D RPG I ever played on a big screen. Earlier this year Cairns studied European Street Fighter champion Ryan Hart, questioning him on his thoughts and experiences while playing the game — the results seemed to suggest that Hart's skill is as much down to his ability to become fully immersed in the game as it is about his dexterity, hand-eye coordination or capacity to remember sequences of button presses. My biggest problem with 3rd person games is that seeing my character naturally takes me out of the game world. I got fully immersed in Infinite, I know there's not really any choices to make but it was the characters and world that got me. Immersive Grand Strategy type experience. People often associate immersion with many things often forgetting that consistency and atmosphere within the game-world is what does it. Well, nothing wrong with not feeling it. It was a long, long time ago, so it's hard for me to remember. Add to that the pre-assassination investigation missions which steadily gave you more information about your casino berlin potsdamer platz/ the more you employed. I shot him in the head, and the screaming stopped. The moment in SKYRIM where I went 'wow' was right after you spent over an hour developing your character I did anyway and then the dragon flew from the sky and android spiele downloaden down the village, and where you got to choose what side of the war you would be on, then killing your first enemy, killing the bear, killing your first dragon, using FUS RO DAH Bunnyhop did a good video of the problems of immersion and motivation playing Skyrim compared to Morrowind, recently:. Same dungeon had that eureka moment when I figured out how to raise the portcullis by flipping switches, only to advance into undead, waking up for my flaming hands to dispose of. Hand Of The Gods: Community Rules Submissions must be directly gaming-related. Show 25 25 50 All. The Thief games, especially 2, were just so captivating.


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